Astrology predict death

In this way, death can also sometimes be looked in a positive manner for the one who is dying. Jupiter rules tumors so in this sense it is linked to cancer and death as a result of an incurable disease. This can be seen clearly if Jupiter has been activated as a result of transits in a natal chart. Also, it is linked to slow death as this is not as violent as Mars. It is the actual position of the sun with other planets that help us to predict death. So the sun and its position in our natal chart are closely linked with who are we going to die.

Astrology is not merely fantasy and mythology but a hard science based on mathematical calculations of the movements of planets, and their effect on our lives. We see so many astronomical events creating a stir around the planet all the time. The control of the moon over tidal waves and the behaviors of animals, the strange connection between the sunflower and the sun, etc. Such that it is quite logical to say that the mood and consciousness and the actions we take may also be affected by such movements. It is not all that difficult to imagine that people who studied such phenomenon are not able to establish the connection between our life, the condition of our health, and the possible length of our lifespan too.

You just need to find one. Shani — Saturn 2. Aruna or Indra Chakra — Uranus 3. Varuna — Neptune 4.

Yama — Pluto 5. Mangal — Mars 6. Sukra — Venus 7. Brihaspati — Jupiter 8. Surya — Sun Conclusion. What does Hindu Dharma say about Reincarnation? February 6, The story behind Rahu and Ketu and their significance December 25, This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. Submit Type above and press Enter to search. Press Esc to cancel. The natal chart certainly carries the potential of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the end of life.

Saturn in the end-of-life 4th house is retrograde and peregrine and thus expresses itself through its dispositor Jupiter, which lies in Scorpio ruled by Pluto and is square the Sun, which rules the 12th house of suicide. The Sun is also exalted in Aries and so rules the 8th house of death by exaltation. All-in-all, his death by suicide is clearly foreshadowed in the natal chart.

Can Astrology Predict Death? – Planets May Predict How One Can Die

When working with progressed charts that contain retrograde planets, it is always worthwhile to determine when the natal retrograde planets become stationary and turn direct by secondary progression. Such periods are always highly important in the life of the native with reference to the matters symbolized by the natally retrograde planet. His father had committed suicide with a gun in In his novel A Farewell to Arms was published and became very successful.

In his financial success allowed him to establish his first American home in Key West , Florida. These events correlate with Saturn turning direct by progression in his 4th house of family and home. When Saturn returned by progression to its natal position in April Hemingway was quite depressed and was receiving psychiatric treatment for his suicidal depression. Natal Saturn in the 4th house, symbolizing his end of life, having come by secondary progression to its natal position suggests a potential time of death.

Peaceful Death In Astrology

Here is a progressed chart for progressed Saturn returning to its natal position his progressed Saturn Return with his natal chart superimposed:. Note that Venus rules both the ASC and the 8th house of death of the progressed chart.

You've been warned, but if you're still interested, here's how.

Progressed Venus closely conjoins the 12th cusp self-undoing, suicide, confinement of the progressed chart. The progressed Moon, which rules the progressed 8th by exaltation, almost exactly opposes the progressed ASC.

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On the date of his death 2 July the progressed ASC had moved to 22 Aries 47, exactly opposite the progressed Moon of his progressed Saturn return. Calculate my death time ,year of death. My date of. My time of birth p. State: karnataka, timezone: 5. Longitude: It is way to easy to calculate the time, place, and year of their death once they have ceased living… even a bozo like I can do that!

In the chart you mention, Capricorn is on the 8th cusp Placidus , which makes Saturn the ruler of the 8th. Saturn lies in Sagittarius and conjoins Uranus, also in Sagittarius. Neptune lies in the 7th Placidus house but in the 8th Whole Sign House, so that Neptune may also be implicated. Let me know if you have other questions about this.

Can Astrology Predict Death?

Thank you so much for replying! His name was Justin and he was living in a half way house when he committed suicide, his mother my step mother inlaw believes he was murdered. I feel she is still mourning the lost. No one expected his sudden suicide. I was going over his chart and saw Neptune in the 8th and had read on the internet that could be interpreted as suicide.

It seems two people could interprete a reading very differently.

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I have been trying to read all of your chart interpatations trying to learn how you read a natal chart the way you do. Any and all the help with this is amazing! Neptune at about 5 Capricorn lies in the 7th.

Do you have the same chart? No mine is different I have 10 gemini rising and 5 capricorn on the cusp of the 8th house neptune is on 5 capricorn but is in the 8th house cusp.

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Maybe I am saying it incorrectly. Like I said Im very new so I could be saying something incorrectly. I am only practicing with this chart. I appreciate your help greatly. Here is the data I am using:. I am not asking exact age but in the form of medium,short or long. If u could tell abt my father and mother longivity then i will be vry thankful to u. I am very tensed abt my parents as some says negative abt them. My dob is 20 12 9 am place panipat har thanx. I look at charts of deceased people to find indicators of their demise. I do not do this for living people because there is no guarantee that I will be correct and I would not want to make a mistake which would give inaccurate and potentially upsetting information.

Thank you sir for replying. I also know that death is only in the hands of almighty. No one can predict the death but sir I just want to ask abt parents coz some says in the coming yrs anything negative can happn to them. Thats why just to remove the doubt I am asking this. IF just answer in one word i. Moon in aquarius 12 House. This scares me because my 8th house is in Aries…do all individuals with the 8th house in Aries tend to die prematurely? You cannot judge an entire chart from a single factor. Uranus in Aries right now transiting at the cusp. I made my own decision to have elective surgery to remove plate and pins from previous accident.

My natal Mars trine moon in capricorn in 5th and sextile Merury in Scorpio in 3rd, Mars also square by Neptune in Saggiturus from 4th the ruler of 7th as the only stressful major aspect. I thought of suicide due to partnership breakdown and disappointment several times in the past.