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You enjoy having these people in your company. You are quite popular amongst your circle of friends. This is mainly because you are broad-minded, innovative, and futuristic. People like to hear you talk about your grand plans for the future of your society. Being futuristic, you like pursuing the latest trends in your chosen industry. Thus, you are much updated. Many of your peers come to you for advice. However, you need to be wary of certain weaknesses that are evident in your personality.

These weaknesses can mar your otherwise stellar reputation. For example, you hide your emotions too much. You see exposing your emotions as a vulnerability.

This could never be further from the truth. Pent up emotions are poisons to your soul. Learn to let go! Also, you cling to others even when it is not necessary.

February 11 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

This can hinder your own personal growth and development. Again, learn to let go! You share the February 1 birthday with a number of famous people from around the globe. These include:. The February 17 zodiac people are in the 3rd decan of Aquarius. They are in the same category as those born between February 10 and February The planet Venus plays a major role in your life. It has empowered you with such qualities as resourcefulness, charm, understanding, and progress.

People pay attention whenever you are in their vicinity. You create fun and excitement wherever you go.

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With you, there is never a dull moment. For this reason, a number of people may be jealous of your capabilities. They envy your ability to mesmerize crowds. The good news is that this never ruffles your feathers! You are bold enough to call things as you see them.

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  6. You do not really care how people will perceive you. This kind of an attitude has won you many admirers in your circles. People see you as dependable whenever they want the truth said. And, you never disappoint them! You solve problems in unconventional ways. Your solutions are always a shocker. You believe in being peculiar. The more peculiarities you display, the more people come to respect and appreciate your contribution. People born on February 17 can excel in the fields of innovation, technology, fashion and design, and the arts. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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    February 17 Zodiac

    You might be happy to know that the following celebrities share your birthday. The list was randomly chosen and arranged in chronological order. View the complete list of February 11 celebrity birthdays. Just for fun! Try your love match score with anyone. Even officemates, schoolmates, or find out the score for your parents and relatives.

    Nothing to buy! View the complete list of February 11 famous birthdays.

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    5. Are there magical powers hidden in your given name? Every moniker has an undeniable character and personality.

      February Horoscope | Famous Birthdays

      Sponsored links. View the complete list of February 11 historical events. Curious about this Mumbai Bubbles? This is a party item you can activate and send to your friends when you play the free game Jump Birthday Party. Get free 1, gold coins when you download today! Your birthday numbers 2, 11, and reveal that your Life Path number is It is a master number that represents practical idealism and material mastery. You were born under the most powerful and potentially the most successful of all Life Path numbers.

      The ruling planet is Uranus — the planet of originality.

      Planetary Row

      According to the ancient art of Chinese astrology or Eastern zodiac , Pig is the mythical animal and Metal is the Eastern element of a person born on February 11, Amethyst is the modern birthstone for the month of February while Bloodstone is the mystical birth stone based on Tibetan origin. The zodiac gemstone for Aquarius is garnet. Fun fact: The birth flower for 11 th February is Violet for modesty. When it comes to love and relationship, you are most compatible with a person born on January 20, Imagine being in love with your soul mate.

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      On the negative side, you are most incompatible with a person born on August 17, Your score is Arf-arf, I want to bite you. Meow-meow, stay away from me! Did someone send you this link? TIP: Click the image above if you want to save the high quality version for posting to social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. You can also get a new random wish if you want to the page will reload. Q: What do you call a person who shares the same birthday? A: Birthday twins — easy! Fun stat: The world population in the year of your birth is 3,,, Census Bureau.