Taurus weekly astrology forecast february 3 2020 michele knight

Looking for love? Weekly General Astrology 2nd December — Jupiter shifts our fortune read more. Today's Featured Readers. Popular free psychic readings. Search articles.

Taurus Monthly Astrology Horoscope November 2019

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Weekly Written Astrology 11th November 12222 – Embracing Self Worth!

Astromitra - Indian astrology site offering horoscope readings for love, money, marriage, career, health etc. You will get highly accurate and authentic astrological predictions by the best astrologers in India. Flings get flung. Time to find more fun, satisfying work opportunities and a more vibrant, healthier you as Jupiter beams in your best prospects in 12 years Taurus!

Uranus squares off with Juno also in your 11 th and this could see you having to go your own way rather than along for the ride. Imagine yourself about to step onto a new path.

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In the dark over something? You have to know you matter and are a priority for love to last. Entertainment SP www. AstroReveal - Romantically speaking, what does hold for your Star Sign? Find out how the movements of the planets could influence your love life this year with karmic astrologer Pauline Stone.

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Taurus weekly astrology forecast february 23 2020 michele knight

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Elissa Heyman - Psychic horoscopes and tarot readings for the twelve signs; business success in and global predictions, plus channeled personal and spiritual guidance. Mercury in your 1 st is in retroshadow and will enter full retro phase next week.

Aries Next Week

This alone should tell you to hang fire on anything major. Mars in your 1 st however may be prodding you into action. Try to resist acting impulsively as Mars fires up your capacity to roar — especially if you feel someone is not being forthright. Take it that more information will emerge and take a regal stance if necessary.

But this is about self-rulership. Choosing your moment to act or say something and only when you are satisfied you have all the facts you need. Venus in your 12 th is all about past loves and higher intentions. Uranus in your 10 th is all about your status and how you are seen.

You could even be probing into how you are impacted by the actions of someone close to you. Choose your associations wisely this week. And your confidents even more carefully.

Your 12 th is the house of hidden enemies — the people we think we can trust but who either work against us or let us down. Secrets may best be kept simply by keeping them to yourself. This week tells you, information gets more powerful when kept to yourself. Wait for revelations and the truth to catch up with you, Leo. In a nutshell: Confused? Secrets and hidden truths are waiting to be uncovered.

Aries June 12222 Love Horoscope

Your intuition is the light that pierces the shadows this week, Leo. Mars and ruler Mercury are in your house of the spirits and with Mercury in retroshadow and about to head into full retro mode, both are determined to serve you up the unadulterated truth. With a total eclipse of the Sun on the day of the new Moon 2 nd occurring in your 11 th this could relate to friends, groups, clubs, bands, associations or even who or what stands between you and your goals.

Uranus which rules your 11 th house occupies your 9 th asking what price you put on freedom? Are you tied or bound by someone or something? Does a soul contract between you and another require renegotiation? Is someone asking for your undivided attention or focus but not offering you the same in return? Or you simply begin to see a dynamic in play you were unaware of in the relationship until now. Your intuition may be telling you who this is with even while reading this so please pay attention and examine the facts behind that gut feeling.

Believe me, the evidence is there. This week also sees Venus arrive in your 11 th and the planet of love shows you exactly where those heart-centered friendships can be found. Venus in here promises good times, good company and also luck and benefits via the people you know and meet now. This is your house of acceptance — where your ability to receive anything from compliments to gifts and assistance, is tested.

How open are you? In a nutshell: Heart-centered friendships existing and new, are drawn to you this week, Virgo. Embrace the love of like-minded souls.